My Pink Pixie

Jared’s cousin Courtney came into town last week and stayed with us for 6 days. She put up with our air mattress filled apartment, boxes everywhere, and us having to work. Though when packing or working wasn’t taking place we were taking her to some of the most fun restaurants in Atlanta, staying the night where we were moving for one night, and if we weren’t watching the entire season of new girl, sleeping, having cds thrown at us by a rapper, eating yogurt with deep spoons or just plain eating- she was coloring my hair and cutting Jared’s hair.  Our goal was to make her have so much fun she would have no choice but to move to the ATL.

There is only one Courtney in this world and her smile radiates joy and laughter. As cheesy as that may sound I know that she is going to change and impact so many peoples lives by the way she interacts with them and how her smile literally lights up a room. Being a hair dresser in Minnesota her cute accent filled our half empty apartment with hysterical laughter and I am so thankful I married into a family that has amazing and inspiring people like her.

Courtney come back to Georgia and make it rain foils and eat yogurt with soup spoons with me again!


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