There are only a few things I am certain of…

Would you believe me if I told you that I had an identity crisis? You probably would and I don’t blame you.

Most of my friends know me as eryn. If you found my music you would know me by eddy and if you found me through so worth loving you would be confused on if I’m eryn or eddy.

There are a few things I am certain of and that is the dress in the picture above has 4 safety pins discreetly hidden so that the dress will fit me better, my green sweater has holes in it because it has been worn so much and my hair hasn’t been washed in 3 days and it still isn’t gross… ask my husband and you may get a different answer about that last one.

I wear many hats and this blog brings them all together for ONE GIANT HAT.

I have the world of So Worth Loving where I am trying to be the best leader to my amazing SWL bloggers as well as executing orders, providing customer service, behind all the scenes during the photo-shoots, editing the Been Loved photo shoots, going to the screen printer to drop off shirts, going to the screen printer to pick up shirts, shopping at the best vintage shops for the Been Loved collection, updating the SWL site, tweeting and facebooking for SWL, and lastly trying to make a dent in this world and communicate to people that they are worthy of love.

And then my music world … well that is where you will find me writing, recording, shopping my music to production companies, listening to rough tracks, listening to mixes, listening to the mastered tracks, write more, and more and more, while doing photo-shoots, and coming up with concepts of music videos, blogging about those adventures, tweeting about them.. and did I mention I instagram a lot….

I want to use both of those worlds to empower people. If I can write a song that is relatable and that changes your perspective in a positive light – I want to do that. If wearing a piece of fashion that will remind you all day long that you are worthy of love- I want to do that. These two worlds are separate but with one thing in common… The owner. Me! You can call me eddy or you can call me eryn. My ear perks up to both.

This blog will be filled with all the little things in between that I enjoy doing outside of SWL and music. It will be filled with mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned. Hope you’re ready for the most A.D.D ride for your life. Yes, I am A.D.D.


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