Pick Your Battles [part 1]

WORRY:1. to be or cause to be anxious or uneasy, especially about something uncertain or potentially dangerous 2. To disturb the peace of mind of; bother 

FEAR: 1. A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger.  2. A state or condition marked by this feeling: living in fear.

As women I think we are naturally prone to worrying and there is this tug-o-war to be content, however that doesn’t mean I disregard men going through this battle as well. Growing up in fear and worry was something very familiar to me in my household. Thinking up worse case scenarios was never the last thought on the mind and if anything it was the first. It wasn’t until this past year  that I identified one of my weaknesses and came to the realization that is a habit that I picked up and allowed to manifest and evolve along the years. This journey is a tough one. I am in the process of trying to rewire what I have seen modeled. While I am in the midst of that, I am wrestling with resentment and grace towards those that I learned this bad habit from. I am reading the book “Calm My Anxious Heart” and from time to time I will be journaling my thoughts on it and what I am learning..

At the end of the day I am responsible for my actions and how I respond. My sister once said to me “Fear is false evidence of something real”. 

If you are going through or have gone through anxiety let me know some of the ways you dealt with it.. I am excited to kick it’s ass.



  1. malloree

    Thanks for sharing your heart on this matter. I think more women need to hear about this and know they’re not the only one going through it or having dealt with it in the past.

    I’ve struggled with anxiety/depression for years. Panic attacks, social anxiety, heart arrhythmias, different medications… The meds helped occasionally, talking to others helped, but it wasn’t truly until I made the conscious decision to no longer struggle with it- to see it as an attack of the enemy, him robbing me of joy and of peace, the very things Jesus was trying to give me… But I was choosing the latter. Sure there are chemical imbalances an other things that affect anxiety and depression and I’m not discounting that, however we have the control to allow what enters our minds and thoughts. One day last year I told the Lord, “if I always struggle with this, if you never heal me from this, then that will be okay. Because it shows me everyday how much I need you.” but He did heal me from it. And people need to know that it is not the Lord’s heart for them to struggle with this crap. In fact I think it probably makes Him upset. And I also think its overly tolerated- especially in the medical field. I was prescribed different medicines without a doctor ever truly dealing with what was going on… The medicines they give you may help temporarily, but they will change you and make you not feel like yourself. On the meds I was numb and didn’t have a lot of emotion, really disconnected from everything around me… I’d rather feel the anxiety than feel nothing. They are also highly addictive and habit forming, with side affects such as birth defects in future children, more anxiety, numb hands an feet, etc. they are also very difficult to come off of. As I know from experience.

    Saying all that- the bottom line is that healing is possible. Healing is available. And healing will happen. Anxiety and worry completely go against who Jesus is and it doesn’t come from Him. A book that really helped me is called “battlefield of the mind” by Joyce Meyer. I really encourage it of you’re struggling with this. It opened my eyes to a lot of things. As well as helped me make some conscious choices to defeating anxiety.

    Sure we are going to face stress. That is normal. But how we react is our choice. I used to think I would never ever overcome it. I have had 5 panic attacks in the last year… I used to have probably 6-8 a month. I also haven’t had one in 9 months 🙂 and I have been off meds since January.

    Sorry this is so long- I could write more. I’m very passionate about this, especially when it comes to women. I think we should all make a stand to not allow the enemy to steal anymore of the joy and peace that so rightfully belongs to us and claim the peace and freedom that Jesus wants to give to us.

    Seriously read that Joyce Meyer book 🙂

    • Hey Mal! Thank so much for sharing your journey and thoughts on this! I think people like you who are open to being transparent and sharing their story help others to not feel alone. I totally agree with you in the aspect of a more holistic approach. Facing the problem is so much healthier in the long run then masking it. It takes bravery to face your problems and what is causing so much fear. I have heard that the Joyce Meyer book is life changing and I think I may need to go purchase that as well! Go you!!!! Continue to keep me posted along your journey and share your story! 🙂 🙂

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