Vitamin E = Make Up remover?

If you have read my post on organic skin care this will come as no shock that I am passionate about my new found discovery! I came to this discovery when I ran out of eye make up remover. I had a little bottle of Vitamin E oil I purchased awhile back for my legs during the winter time because I do have naturally dry skin. I came across this little bottle as I searched for something to remove my waterproof eyeliner I had on heavily that day. So I thought… hmm why not try this on a cotton ball and see if this works and wipes it off..

Well ladies.. IT DID. It has made my puffiness in the morning go down and any dark circles I had around my eyes disappear. I now have a glow around my eyes as if I gave them a glass of water. I wanted to see if any other people have come across this great discovery and I couldn’t find any blogs discussing it however I did find this article on what vitamin e will do and this is what it said:

Vitamin E is essential for your hair, skin, fingernails and organs. It has antioxidant qualities that help heal, repair and rejuvenate. Vitamin E is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that your body does not store it. It’s imperative that you receive the recommended daily dose of vitamin E every day to maintain its benefits and effects on your body. Read more here.. 

Forget expensive eye make up removers and eye make up creams for “anti-aging”. Vitamin E is seriously amazing and replacing all of that other crud I put on my eyes.



  1. kittyelf

    Thank you for sharing this little secret!

  2. OMG, I have really gotten into organic skin care, too. I’m allergic to everything and have spent hundreds of dollars over the years trying to find drugstore or department store products that don’t irritate my skin. I now make my own facial cleanser and moisturizer from items in my kitchen.

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