Many Questions…. Body Image and Social Media

A while back I had a friend tell me she watched the Victoria Secret fashion show so that it would motivate it her to work out… (I may have appeared bug eyed when she said that to me) and I can tell you honestly I will NEVER have the body of a “Victoria Secret” model and I am finally ok with that. 

Did you know the average American sees over 3000 advertising messages a day. Just the average.. That is probably not talking about the images we consume on a daily basis if we are scrolling through pinterest, tumblr, facebook, or instagram.

With all of this coming in and out of our minds I can’t help but think about how we are probably not doing a good job protecting our eyes… Sounds cheesy right? It’s not like they are pornographic… well some anyways….

I’m sure it will come to you as no surprise when I tell you that I read an article that talked about how social media is affecting women in a negative way. “There are more constant self-comparisons and escalating insecurities translated into a pattern of food deprivation and incessant exercise.” So ladies.. here are my many questions for you… why do we need an image to tell us what is beautiful and what is healthy? Every body is different. For real though.. my body doesn’t function like my friend Julias, and her body doesn’t function like my friend Laurens.. Are we placing a high expectation on ourselves to try to achieve the beauty of an image? I am wondering that if we are striving to achieve these images to be healthy… is that emotionally healthy?

With the photos that we reblog and repost… could they do more damage than good? Not only to ourselves but to the people seeing them as well? Are we contributing to this problem? I don’t know… There seems to be a grey line between inspiration and self-comparison.

If we can’t change our exposure to images on a daily basis maybe we need to change our response…



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