Grace and Gossip

GOSSIP!!!!! “If they were really concerned or bothered they would just confront you and not gossip. Some just trash talk because they think it’s fun.” My spanish teacher Dr. Fitch would always say “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”. When he passed away this past year that phrase magnified itself for me and I now live by this. You can’t trust hearsay and if you do well your opinion can’t have as much weight.

Have you ever been the one that has been trash talked, or the center of what a group of girls gossip about? Thats not a fun feeling for anyone. Or maybe when you talk about people you feel like a brick has been taken off our chest temporarily until you get a chance to do it again.

I love learning about people. Why we change and how we think or respond to circumstances. Learning about people helps me find understanding for why we are the way we are and while I want to bad mouth those that have wrong intentions and leave me feeling like crap, I remind myself a few things.. they are acting like this not because of me. We all have in some form, treated people poorly because something deep down has hurt us and we haven’t let that hurt go. We bring it into every relationship we have had and will have until there is an AHA! moment. I can’t make gossipers have that moment and nor can you.. but I can give the people who have hurt me, grace. (easier said then done)

I can’t control the things they say about me but I can control my actions. I do nothing but forgive. There are some people you just can’t respond back to, because it gives them more fuel to drive further. As much as I want to respond impulsively.. I try not to. I know that I am not the main source as to why they are gossiping- there is something much deeper they aren’t dealing with.

So my challenge for you is.. if you’ve been hurt by “hearsay” words forgive and
if you gossip.. (which we ALL have- I am at fault for this) find out what is the source.. the TRUE source. I always think to myself when I feel the need to trash talk.. what joy do I get from saying this.. I typically find the source and shut my trap.





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  1. This is so true! I’m all about not caring what others things or say about me. It is still hard but in reality it’s about the other person and their issues not about you.

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