my heros…

It’s about to get real….

So Worth Loving is my love. My joy. My light. My passion! Right now there are only a few of us that are involved on the backend of it. I primarily do all of the customer service, photo-shoot planning, all of “Been Loved” photography, editing, updating the site, updating the blog, all of social media, all of the design direction, and fulfilling the orders. If you were to ask me if I felt like I was and am drowning in this passion of mine, my answer might be yes. I am overwhelmed.. but I am so on fire for it. I just need some extra hands to help take over the world with self love and self worth.

While as a creative we sometimes say to ourselves.. “its easier if I just do it instead of teaching someone else for fear they may not do it as well”– I had to let go of that feeling. THAT IS SO FALSE! If anything I am learning from the people that want be apart of this movement! I am learning more about my character, confrontation, leadership, inspiration, my mission, their lives, their strengths, their weaknesses, my strengths, my weaknesses, and grace. If I did it all myself I would actually be doing my self a dis-service.

After posting about needing involvement in SWL and that the passion of SWL would spark in others hearts I had emails flood my inbox. I told Jared that I am SOOOOO BEYOND excited about this.. if only I had leadership skills to lead a team! haha…

Learning that I don’t have to do all of it myself was one HUGE stepping stone for me. I am learning from the people that want to be involved and I am SO THANKFUL FOR THEM. They are pouring themselves into SWL freely and I feel so INCREDIBLY overwhelmed by their love.

In this post I want to introduce you to my Digital Warriors. My Heros. My SWL Designers. They are graphic designers that want to be involved and pour their passion for design into my passion for SWL. These ladies want to saturate social media with the quotes that come from our amazing bloggers.. and they inspire me.

1. @Korymae – Kory astounds me in the best way possible. She is a 20 year old design student from middle Tennessee. When talking with her about how much time she could contribute, her heart was for whatever we needed at SWL. The images she’s been producing are beautiful and I love her drive and reliance for design and for swl. I am so thankful for her. I know that I can rely on her fully. She created all the calendars for the next few months that we will introduce! Here is some of her work:

2. @jessichampion – Jessi is just incredible. She is a 26 year old from St. Louis. She has had a heart for SWL since the spray painting days back in March of 2011. I remember receiving her favorite old baseball tee for us to spray paint the words “So Worth Loving” on the back of it. Her excitement for SWL refuels me. I adore her and I am so thankful for her.  Here is one of the many favorites from her: 

3. Jessica Scott is a 26 years-old living in west Michigan, where she was born and raised. She is a part-time graphics producer and communications specialist for a non-profit- and she was one of the first to voice her desire to be involved with SWL. I am SO thankful for her excitement! Here is one of her pieces: 

4. Alexandria Hightower is a 20 year old who is an incredible designer as well. She is a self-taught designer and she is one of those people that can do anything that they put their mind to and be really good at it… you know the kind of people that make you jealous haha. I love her involvement and upbeat personality. Here is one of the many pieces she has done: 
These ladies are passionate, inspiring, and reliant! Get to know them. Follow their work and look out for more work by them in the days to come and if you get a chance… give them a shout out thanking them for their talents and contributing for the good of social media!!

We are now like a little family and have one goal in mind. Spreading self love and self worth all over the world. If you want to be involved email

*Look for the next post which will be discussing our very talented bloggers! The ladies that have the words of wisdom!



  1. korywoodard

    I seriously love this. You’re so kind towards each of us, which is one of my favorite things. Instead of making SWL outwardly seem like a family, yet operating differently, I actually feel like each of you ladies make up a part of me. I can’t wait for us to take the world by storm in the next couple of months! 🙂

  2. Love their work and everything you’re doing!

  3. I love this. Probably because I am right there with you, drowning but learning to reach out and let the people most passionate and ready to jump in take hold and help us grow.

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