Who The Heck Am I?

Well I am not sure but I am learning. I am a hot mess and thankful I am not the only one in the world that is. Some might be confused on what to call me.. Eryn or Eddy? Yes, my name is Eryn. Musically I go by Eddy. Why you ask? It’s my maiden name and the definition of the word “Eddy” is “a current going against mainstream”. I guess you could say I do that through many areas of my life and music is one of them.

I am a 4’11ish girl with a LOUD voice for self-love. I am the founder of So Worth Loving. I create music under Eddy and this blog is simply to bring those two separate worlds that I am so on fire for, together! If you are reading this blog I am blushing, if you are A.D.D, don’t care about bad grammer, and enjoy lots of !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 – we will get along just fine. I ramble, have dirty hair, wear glitter nail polish and, wear jeggings.. a lot. [That’s right.. jeggings]

Some fun mentions I’ve been apart of:

I Heart Daily | Love Twenty | Plywood People | Nenz | Music Fashion MagazinePeople Of The Second Chance | Bandaid Records


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